2013 MT Auditions Finals and Results

VSNATS Music Theater Student Auditions, November 15-16, 2013


Kate Maniuscko L-Hakes 0J 1st Place
Lauren Grattopp Banta 0J 2nd Place
Elsie Grace Crawford 0J 3rd Place
Caroline Spurlin Paul 0J Honorable Mention
Rachel Berry Durocher 0J Honorable Mention
Sophia Franklin Fox 0J Honorable Mention
Lauryn Wallentine Fox 0J Honorable Mention
Katie Ogg Proctor 0J Honorable Mention
Shannon Trottier Banta 0J Honorable Mention
Thea Eigo Welty 0J Honorable Mention
Daniel Rosenberg Paul 0YM 1st Place
Wil Arends Jones 0YM 2nd Place
Holden Hanna Jones 0YM 3rd Place
Grayson Poole Pitman 0YM Honorable Mention
Seth Tutnick Tutnick 0YM Honorable Mention
Allison Greenberg Crawford 0YW 1st Place
Elise Daniells Durocher 0YW 2nd Place
Emily Rose Kunkle Crawford 0YW 3rd Place
Alexandra Lansdowne Welty 0YW 3rd Place
Cameron Benton Jones 0YW Finalist-Honorable Mention
Sanjana Kamath Durocher 0YW Finalist-Honorable Mention
Mary  McCabe Fox 0YW Finalist-Honorable Mention
Paige  Pearcy Paul 0YW Finalist-Honorable Mention
Olivia Watters Welty 0YW Finalist-Honorable Mention
Cheyanne Ballou Pitman 0YW Finalist
Jordan Dragon Pitman 0YW Finalist
Katherine Phillips Fox 0YW Finalist
Jolie Strickland Velarde 0YW Finalist
Zachary Stoddard Jones 0IM 1st Place
Adam Aragaki Jones 0IM 2nd Place
Christopher Moffitt Spevacek 0IM 3rd Place
Jacob Shore Jones 0IM Hon.Mention
Carly Grossman Kennedy 0IW 1st Place
Amanda Valenzuela Fox 0IW 2nd Place
Emily Garcia Allen 0IW 3rd Place
Savannah Wix Crawford 0IW 3rd Place
Jennifer Carlson Spevacek 0IW Finalist-Honorable Mention
 Eliot Nichols Crawford 0IW Finalist-Honorable Mention
Caroline Noona Welty/Kennedy 0IW Finalist-Honorable Mention
Sammi Bennett Jones 0IW Finalist
Sabrina Leigh-Godfrey Durocher 0IW Finalist
Monica Madden Jones 0IW Finalist
Casie Maghran Fox 0IW Finalist
Kara Piatt Durocher 0IW Finalist
Sydney Poynton Fox 0IW Finalist
Emma Mertens Jones 0IW Honorable Mention
Maddie Perrine Jones 0IW Honorable Mention
David Wilson Denton 0OM 1st Place
Drake Sherman Schoff, Dean 0OM 2nd Place
EJ Dohring Jones 0OM 3rd Place
Andrew Paulson Fox 0OM Honorable Mention
Derek Scullin Crawford 0OM Honorable Mention
Daniel Lopez Fox 0OM Honorable Mention
Brad Duchene Tutnick 0OM Honorable Mention
Philip Godfrey Stevens 0OM Honorable Mention
Voyze Harris Fox 0OM Honorable Mention
Austin Perrine Jones 0OM Honorable Mention
Joshua Warren Jones 0OM Honorable Mention
David McIntyre Jones 0OM Honorable Mention
Scott Viteri Crawford 0OM Honorable Mention
Analise Rosario Fox 0OW 1st Place
Ines Hayouna Jones 0OW 2nd Place
Nikki Ruffalo Fox 0OW 2nd Place
Summer Allen Velarde 0OW Honorable Mention
Danielle Burley Kennedy 0OW Honorable Mention
Leah Claus Spevacek 0OW Honorable Mention
Maddi Madia Crawford 0OW Honorable Mention
Bernadette Miotke Tutnick 0OW Honorable Mention
Rachel Ogle Jensen 0OW Honorable Mention
Alyssa Pike Pitman 0OW Honorable Mention
Sara Sanderson Fox 0OW Honorable Mention
Sophia Wix Crawford 0OW Honorable Mention
Natalie Woolf Williams 0OW Honorable Mention
Ralphael Brown Ralstin 1M 1st Place
John Batchan Miller 1M 2nd Place
Tyler Higgenbotham Lucius 1M 3rd Place
Korbin Heronema Hauan 1M Honorable Mention
Melody Startzell Britton 1W 1st Place
Katie McCarthy Hauan 1W 2nd Place
Amanda Albretsen Hauan 1W 3rd Place
Angelica McGrew Hauan 1W 3rd Place
Laynee Overall Lucius 1W Honorable Mention
Samantha Wilkins Lucius 1W Honorable Mention
Sarah Ambrose Welty/Ralstin 2MW 1st Place
Kinsey Peotter Hauan 2MW 1st Place
Taylor DiTola Fitzpatrick 2MW 3nd Place
Brian Klimowski Ralstin 2MW Honorable Mention
Kierna Conner Ralstin 2MW Honorable Mention
Alexandra Melikian Fitzpatrick 2MW Honorable Mention
Elise Stoffer Lucius 3MW 1st Place
Sam Loose Denton/Stevens 3MW 2nd Place
Berenice Au Galaz Hauan 3MW 3rd Place
Jennifer Brobeck Dauphinais 3MW Honorable Mention
Brooke Davanzati Schoff, Anna 3MW Honorable Mention
Ariana Lucius Ralstin/Hauan 3MW Honorable Mention
Arrianna Oliver Fox 3MW Honorable Mention
Sam Stefanski Britton/Jones 3MW Honorable Mention
Stephen Schermitzler Jones 1AM 1st Place
Jonathan Holdsworth Lucius 1AM 2nd Place
Jesse Foster Fitzpatrick 1AM 3rd Place
David Little Spevacek 1AM Honorable Mention
ReBecca Dayley L-Hakes 1AW 1st Place
Aimee Blau Little Spevacek 1AW 2nd Place
Laura Hines Fox 1AW 3rd Place
Anthony Chavez Ralstin/Lucius 4MW 1st Place
Gabriella Cavalcanti Fox 4MW 2nd Place
Ammon Opie Lucius 4MW 3rd Place
Catherine Wong Britton 2A 1st Place
Kaitlyn Russell Fox 2A 2nd Place
Andrew Sievers Jones 2A 3rd Place

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