Entering Students

Entering Students

Students do NOT register themselves for the Auditions.
Teachers will enter ALL student/accompanist information and submit one payment.

This is not entirely different from our current procedure, which was put into place several years ago to prevent difficulties for members and the Auditions Staff. Examples include: students entering without their teacher’s knowledge, students incorrectly entering Division numbers, missing accompanist information, etc.

For reasons such as these, the Auditionware software is designed so that teachers enter their own students into the Auditions. Please note that you will now need to allow for time to collect funds from your students to reimburse you for registration.

Instructions for Entering Students in the Auditions:

  1. Log in at www.natsauditions.com
  2. Hover over the “Member Tools” menu and click “Register Students”
  3. Select the “Add” link to bring you to the “Student Info” screen
  4. Fill in the applicable fields as indicated.
  5. The minimum age for participation in the Student Auditions is 13, although the drop down list offers younger options
    • Please refer to the appropriate “Division Definitions” document for further clarification.
  6. Click “Save”
  7. An “Audition Categories” section will appear at the top of the page
    1. Select a single Division for your student from the “Select Category” drop down list.
    2. Choose the “Select Accompanist” link and choose the student’s accompanist from the drop down list. Review the list to see if your accompanist is listed. The official pianist options are already entered into the system and you may choose to use them until their limit is reached.  If your accompanist is not listed, choose the “Add” link at the top of the page and fill in the appropriate information for your accompanist*.

*Unless you are selecting an official pianist, YOU MAY NOT ASSIGN A PIANIST PRIOR TO CONFIRMING THEIR AVAILABILITY TO PLAY FOR YOUR STUDENT. You will indicate in the dialogue box provided, that you have spoken with the pianist you have selected. Teachers are on their honor to abide by this rule. Audition administrators reserve the right to re-assign at will, any registrants improperly assigned to an accompanist by their teachers.

    1. Enter your student’s repertoire using the “Edit *Repertoire” link. Enter the full title, composer and publisher names, along with the genre and language of the piece.
    2. Return to “Student Info” and choose “Save” when you are done.
    3. There is a box to check when the registration is complete for that student.

All in-progress applications must be COMPLETED in the Auditionware system PRIOR to the entry deadline. You do not have to enter all information in a single session (for example, you may not know who your accompanist is right away).  Student applications may be saved and returned to at a later time, but you must have completed ALL information entry in the Auditionware system prior to 11:59pm, on the published registration deadline date.

You may edit your student information at any time by selecting “Student List” from the left side bar buttons.


Additional Information

We are happy to help you understand the Auditionware software to the extent we are able, but we will not enter your student or accompanist information for you.

Student schedule conflicts MUST be submitted via the “Support” Tab to the Auditions Chair BEFORE the close of registration at 11:59pm, on the published deadline date.

Requests for schedule changes cannot be accommodated after close of registration. The registration period has already been extended to allow for as much time as possible to identify conflicts.

Students with missing information (e.g., Division, Accompanist, etc.) will not be allowed to participate.   Teachers are encouraged to enter information EARLY so that any issues may be resolved in a timely manner.

Student Fees

The cost of participating in the Music Theater or Student Auditions is $27 per student. For those who wish to hire the services of the Official Accompanist, there is an additional fee of $36 per student.

There is a running total of fees you will be expected to submit on the “Student List” page for the Auditions.

Fees will be paid by the teacher through the audition site via PayPal. Teachers are responsible for collecting students’ fees and paying online.  Please contact our Treasurer at treasurer@vsnats.org if you have questions regarding the online payment system.

All fees MUST be received by the registration deadline of 11:59pm, on the published deadline date.


Deadline dates will be published based on the following schedule

  • Online Registration Opens:
8-10 wks out
  • Current Year National and Chapter Dues must be paid by:
5 wks out 
  • Online Registration Closes: (11:59pm) 
4 wks out
  • ALL Student and Teacher conflicts must be submitted by:
4 wks out
  • Staff Pianist PDF Music Delivery Deadline:
4 wks out
  • Schedules Posted: (individual times will be available)
18 days out
  • Refund Deadline: ($25 only)
2 weeks out 


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