Code of Ethics

NATS Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics is established by NATS in order that its members may understand more clearly their ethical duties and obligations to their students, other teachers, and the general public, as well as to promote cooperation and good fellowship among the members.

Federal Trade Commission Inquiry: The version of the Code of Ethics approved by the NATS membership in December, 2006 is currently under revision, in compliance with the negotiation of a consent decree between the NATS Board and the FTC.

  • NATS was contacted by the FTC in May 2013 regarding “anti-competitive” language in the NATS Code of Ethics.
  • An ethics policy revision will be forthcoming from NATS. The revisions will not result in a change in member practices, but will reflect a verbiage difference in the descriptions of our core values.
  • The NATS board agreed to sign the consent decree after much discussion and deliberation.
  • Each chapter will be required to sign a verification form acknowledging the change in language.
  • NATS has informed us that ongoing monitoring of this situation will be required
  • The entire membership will be contacted electronically as information is available.

As a result of these developments on the national level, and new procedures implemented in our local chapter in the last two years, a revision of the 2010 VSNATS By-Laws has become necessary. In Spring 2017, the VS NATS Board and Chapter approved the updated ByLaws proposed in May 2016.