2014 Classical Auditions Finals and Results

Congratulations to our 2014 Arizona District Classical Student Auditions Winners and Honorees!

Chandler Kruse Kennedy 0JMW 1st Place
Caroline Spurlin Paul 0JMW 2nd Place
Kate Maniuszko Livingston-Hakes 0JMW 3rd Place
Cara Redding Stoddard 0JMW Honorable Mention
Hannah Weisman Fox 0JMW Honorable Mention
Lauren Stewart Stoddard 0JMW Honorable Mention
Paige Brumm Fox 0JMW Honorable Mention
Daniel Rosenberg Paul 0YM 1st Place
Christopher  Moffitt Spevacek 0YM 2nd Place
Seth Tutnick Tutnick 0YM 3rd Place
Holden Hanna Jones 0YM Honorable Mention
Paige Pearcey Paul 0YW 1st Place
Chloe Noll Schoff 0YW 2nd Place
Lorena Witte Fox 0YW 3rd Place
Claire Bergan Fox 0YW 3rd Place
Megan McIntyre Jones 0YW Honorable Mention
Sanjana Kamath Durocher 0YW Honorable Mention
Sydney Hoerner Spevacek 0YW Honorable Mention
Victoria Grass-Guzman Fox 0YW Honorable Mention
Zachary Stoddard Jones/Stoddard 0IM 1st Place
Joshua Larson Livingston-Hakes 0IM 2nd Place
Wil Arends Jones 0IM 3rd Place
Dean Maniuszko Livingston-Hakes 0IM Honorable Mention
Noah Stone Spevacek 0IM Honorable Mention
Elise Daniells Durocher 0IW 1st Place
Amanda Valenzuela Fox 0IW 2nd Place
Carly Grossman Kennedy 0IW 3rd Place
Alexandra Landsdowne Welty 0IW Finalist Honorable Mention
Arielle Devorah Williams 0IW Finalist Honorable Mention
Jennifer Carlson Spevacek 0IW Finalist Honorable Mention
Kara Piatt Durocher 0IW Finalist Honorable Mention
Mary McCabe Fox 0IW Finalist Honorable Mention
Phoebe Garvie Hackett 0IW Finalist Honorable Mention
Sabrina Leigh-Godfrey Durocher 0IW Finalist Honorable Mention
Sarah Taylor Safsten 0IW Finalist Honorable Mention
Marisa McAllister Morgan 0IW Honorable Mention
Emily Hendricks Stoddard 0IW Honorable Mention
Bronson Todd Denton 0OM 1st Place
Joshua Warren Jones 0OM 2nd Place
Adam Aragaki Jones 0OM 3rd Place
Daniel Lopez Fox 0OM 3rd Place
Andrew Paulson Fox 0OM Honorable Mention
David McIntyre Jones 0OM Honorable Mention
Doug Rulon Livingston-Hakes 0OM Honorable Mention
Drake Sherman Schoff 0OM Honorable Mention
Jacob Shore Jones 0OM Honorable Mention
Jordan Hurt Jones 0OM Honorable Mention
Ryan Gunderson Jones 0OM Honorable Mention
Kresley Figueroa Raymond 0OW 1st Place-3rd time
Mariana Velasco Raymond 0OW 2nd Place
Brielle Amrein Kennedy 0OW 3rd Place
Alexis Dworkin Durocher 0OW Finalist Hon. Mention
Courtney Evans Livingston-Hakes 0OW Finalist Hon. Mention
Alexa Agostinelli Durocher 0OW Finalist Hon. Mention
Gabrielle Martorana Durocher 0OW Finalist Hon. Mention
Margot Schlanger Raymond/Pynes 0OW Finalist Hon. Mention
Madeleine Collier Nokes 0OW Finalist Hon. Mention
Summer Allen Velarde 0OW Finalist Hon. Mention
Meghan Elliott Nokes 0OW Finalist
Sara Sanderson Fox 0OW Finalist
Analiese Rosario Fox 0OW Finalist
Ines Hayouna Jones 0OW Honorable Mention
Mariah Rosario Britton/Fox 1W 1st Place
Julia Laird May 1W 2nd Place
Melody Startzell Britton 1W 2nd Place
Josephyne Santos Raymond 1W Finalist Honorable Mention
Celine Durney Raymond/Pearce 1W Finalist Honorable Mention
Katie McCarthy Hauan/Brauer 1W Finalist Honorable Mention
Nicole Blumenstein Fitzpatrick 1W Finalist Honorable Mention
Amanda Albretsen Hauan/Albretsen 1W Finalist Honorable Mention
Emily Weaver Gunderson 1W Finalist Honorable Mention
Abbeney Davis Baer 1W Honorable Mention
Sammi Wilkins Lucius 1W Honorable Mention
Zachary Martin Cloud 1-2M 1st Place
Taylor Mayne Pereira 1-2M 2nd Place
James Mendola Dauphinais 1-2M 3rd Place
Connor Kraus Cloud 1-2M Honorable Mention
Caroline Crawford Dauphinais 2W 1st Place-3rd time
Melanie Alameda Robinson 2W 2nd Place
Clare Demer Dauphinais 2W 3nd Place
Sedona Libero Raymond 2W Finalist Honorable Mention
Shelby  Biggs Nagy/Safsten 2W Finalist Honorable Mention
Schae Chapman Pereira 2W Finalist Honorable Mention
Chareeze  Abarquez Jennings 2W Finalist
Sarah Sherman Pereira/Gunderson 2W Finalist
Shannon Cochran Raymond 2W Finalist
Deanna  Peron Jennings 2W Finalist
Samantha Quezada Casselman 2W Finalist
Alyssa Click Cloud 2W Honorable Mention
Camille Hartley Cloud 2W Honorable Mention
Jordan Self-Price Cloud 2W Honorable Mention
Kailee Vander-Maten Jennings 2W Honorable Mention
Lindsay Shearer Raymond 2W Honorable Mention
Stephen  Schermitzler Jones 7M 1st Place
Mathew Speakman Denton/Stevens 7M 2nd Place
Perry Chacon Jr May 7M 3rd Place
Mishawn Yardley Peterson 7W 1st Place
Laura Hines Fox 7W 2nd Place
Anna Havig Briggs, K. 7W 3rd Place
Aimee Blau-Little Spevacek 7W 3rd Place
Christina  Moore Jennings 7W Honorable Mention
Lori  Bottomley Briggs, K. 7W Honorable Mention
Catherine Thornsley Cloud 3W 1st Place-3rd time
Colette Roberts Raymond 3W 2nd Place
Jaqueline Alcocer Nagy/Davis 3W 3nd Place
Laura Broscow Robinson 3W Finalist Honorable Mention
Stephanie Whitaker Cloud 3W Finalist Honorable Mention
Brenna Ward Robinson 3W Finalist Honorable Mention
Kaitlyn  Russell Fox 3W Finalist Honorable Mention
Stephanie Kitson Gunderson 3W Finalist
Sergio Manzo Saunders 3-4 M 1st Place-3rd time
Samuel Loose Denton/Stevens 3-4 M 2nd Place
Kyle Homewood Pereira 3-4 M 3rd Place
Levi Pratt Dauphinais 3-4 M Honorable Mention
Ammon Opie Lucius 3-4 M Honorable Mention
Katherine Watson Raymond 4W 1st Place
Monika Beauvais Raymond 4W 2nd Place
Erin McMullen Robinson 4W 3rd Place
Gabriella Cavalcanti Fox 4W Honorable Mention
Isaac Estrada Cloud 8MW 1st Place
Joyce Yi Safsten/Nagy 8MW 2nd Place
Brittany Smith Cloud 9MW 1st Place
Cara Drown Nagy 9MW 2nd Place
Valerie Perkins May 9MW 3rd Place
Cecily  Jorgensen Nagy 9MW Honorable Mention
Rachel Stoddard Jones 9MW Honorable Mention
Ryanne Hammerl Fitzpatrick/Doan 9MW Honorable Mention
Sun-Young Lee Robinson 5MW 1st Place
Asleif Willmer Fitzpatrick 5MW 2nd Place
Christina Cullers Fitzpatrick/Corley 5MW 3rd Place
Alejandro Banuelos Robinson 5MW Honorable Mention
Ivette Ortiz Dauphinais 5MW Honorable Mention
Kaitrin Cunningham Robinson 5MW Honorable Mention
Mary Keck Dauphinais 5MW Honorable Mention
Miriam Schildkret Fitzpatrick 5MW Honorable Mention

Special Recognition for our 3rd time, 1st place winners and most promising singer awards:

3rd time 1st place Winners Kresley Figueroa 0OW
Caroline Crawford 2W
Catherine Thornsley 3W
Sergio Manzo 4M
Taylor Award Stephen Schermitzler 7M
Autenrieth Award Catherine Thornsley 3W

Congratulations to the following finalists! Singers and Pianists: Scroll down to view your assigned time.

Please report to the rooms below:


0IW (Zero Intermediate Women) FINALS – Room A158
Time Student  Accompanist
 7:30 PM  Arielle Devorah  Liz Spencer
 7:37 PM  Sabrina Leigh-Godfrey  Sherry Lenich
 7:44 PM  Kara Piatt  Sherry Lenich
 7:51 PM  Phoebe Garvie  Jeremy Peterman
 7:58 PM  Sarah Taylor  Jeremy Peterman
 8:05 PM  Mary McCabe  Tom Urda
 8:12 PM  Amanda Valenzuela  Tom Urda
 8:19 PM  Jennifer Carlson  Ann Nagell
 8:26 PM  Ally Lansdowne  Ann Nagell
 8:33 PM  Carly Grossman  Stephen Schermitzler
 8:40 PM  Elise Daniells  Sherry Lenich
0OW (Zero Older Women) Finals – Room A165
Time Student  Accompanist
 7:30 PM  Margot Schlanger  Cheng Xui Wong
 7:37 PM  Meghan Elliott  Woan-Ching Lim
 7:44 PM  Madeleine Collier  Woan-Ching Lim
 7:51 PM  Mariana Velasco  Paul Lee
 7:58 PM  Alexa Agostinelli  Sherry Lenich
 8:05 PM  Alexis Dworkin  Sherry Lenich
 8:12 PM  Gabrielle Martorana  Sherry Lenich
 8:19 PM  Kresley Figueroa  Jeremy Peterman
 8:26 PM  Summer Allen  Jeremy Peterman
 8:33 PM  Sara Sanderson  Tom Urda
 8:40 PM  Analiese Rosario  Tom Urda
 8:47 PM  Brielle Amrein  Stephen Schermitzler
 8:54 PM  Courtney Evans  Rebekah High
1W Finals – Room PAC 150
Time Student  Accompanist
 7:45 PM  Josephyne Santos  Julie Guise
 7:55 PM  Celine Durney  Julie Guise
 8:05 PM  Emily Weaver  Cheng Xui Wong
 8:15 PM  Nicole Blumenstein  Robert Avril
 8:25 PM  Julia Laird  Ceci Chou
 8:35 PM  Amanda Albretsen  Klara Kukumi
 8:45 PM  Mariah Rosario  Jeremy Peterman
 8:55 PM  Katie McCarthy  Marlis Fenton
 9:05 PM  Melody Startzell  HaeJu Choi


2W Finals – Room A165
Time Student  Accompanist
 09:00 AM  Schae Chapman  Paul Lee
 09:08 AM  Shannon Cochran  Paul Lee
 09:16 AM  Melanie Alameda  Chien- I Yang
 09:24 AM  Sarah Sherman  Julie Guise
 09:32 AM  Sedona Libero  Julie Guise
 09:40 AM  Shelby Biggs  Ann Nagell
 09:48 AM  Deanna Peron  Rebekah High
 09:56 AM  Chareeze Abarquez  Rebekah High
 10:04 AM  Clare Demer  Jeremy Peterman
 10:12 AM  Caroline Crawford  Woan-Ching Lim
 10:20 AM  Samantha Quezada  Stephen Ramsey
3W Finals – Room A165
Time Student  Accompanist
 10:45 AM  Stephanie Kitson  Paul Lee
 10:53 AM  Catherine Thornsley  Paul Lee
 11:01 AM  Stephanie Whitaker  Paul Lee
 11:09 AM  Colette Roberts  Paul Lee
 11:17 AM  Laura Broscow  Chien- I Yang
 11:25 AM  Brenna Ward  Chien- I Yang
 11:33 AM  Jaqueline Alcocer  Ann Nagell
 11:41 AM  Kaitlyn Russell  Tom Urda

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