VSNATS 2015 MT-CCM Student Auditions Results

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VSNATS 2015 MT-CCM Auditions Results
Congratulations Singers!

To place, singers must have received an average score of 90 or higher. Honorable mentions received a minimum of two out of three scores above 90. Certificates, prize money and score sheets for ALL singers are enroute to teachers via delivery or mail. 

Division Place Name Teacher
GIRLS First Place Jenya Zurita Stephanie Fox
GIRLS Second Place Samantha Filipelli Stephanie Fox
GIRLS Second Place Ella Ingold Stephanie Fox
GIRLS Honorable Mention Julia Pitman Emma England
GIRLS Honorable Mention Amelia Weisman Stephanie Fox
YWA First Place Aliyah Douglas Stephanie Fox
YWA Second Place Natalie Wiley Emma England
YWA Third Place Dylan Beaty Marianne Heim
YWA Honorable Mention Ireland Blim Nancy Harris
YWA Honorable Mention Amelie Conteras Mary Paul
YWA Honorable Mention Nicole Witte Stephanie Fox
YWA Honorable Mention Reese Okland Rachel Stoddard
YWA Honorable Mention Hailey Gates Emma England
YWA Honorable Mention Greylyn Zurita Stephanie Fox
YWA Honorable Mention Faith Kirkland Stephanie Fox
YWB First Place Allison Rederick Emma England
YWB Second Place Mia Montoya Stephanie Fox
YWB Third Place Astrid Westberg Nancy Harris
YWB Third Place Melanie Nyland Claudia Kennedy
YWB Honorable Mention Alex Krendl Stephanie Fox
YWB Honorable Mention Callie Kapanicas Beth Livingston-Hakes
YMA First Place Kaden Winters Stephanie Fox
YMA Second Place Darwin Moore Nichole Jensen
YMB First Place Manny Edrozo Emma England
YMB Second Place Matthew Pitman Emma England
IA-1 First Place Sarah Pansing Thomas Jones
IA-1 Second Place Haley Reed Sue Anne Lucius
IA-1 Third Place Sara Matin Stephen Crawford
IA-1 Honorable Mention Cara Redding Rachel Stoddard
IA-1 Honorable Mention Sophia Duclo Stephanie Fox
IA-1 Honorable Mention Carly Jacobs Claudia Kennedy
IA-1 Honorable Mention Rachel Berry Judith S. Durocher
IA-1 Honorable Mention Grace Akbari Rachel Stoddard
IA-2 First Place Caroline Spurlin Mary Paul
IA-2 Second Place Tatum Dial Christine Welty
IA-2 Third Place Emma Blunk Linda Spevacek
IA-2 Honorable Mention Grace Elsie Stephen Crawford
IA-2 Honorable Mention Kayla Dobbs Beth Livingston-Hakes
IA-2 Honorable Mention Maya Schulder Rachel Stoddard
IA-2 Honorable Mention Lauren Stewart Rachel Stoddard
IA-2 Honorable Mention Madison Rango Jennifer Song Sheldon
IA-2 Honorable Mention Lizzie Stewart Linda Spevacek
IA-2 Honorable Mention Hannah Weisman Stephanie M Fox
IA-2 Honorable Mention Gillian Elliot Emma England
IB-1 First Place Jordan Kliphon Darrell Rowader
IB-1 First Place Mandy Crandall Sue Anne Lucius
IB-1 Second Place Lorena Witte Stephanie Fox
IB-1 Honorable Mention Elizabeth Grannis Christine Welty
IB-1 Honorable Mention Helen Hendricks Claudia Kennedy
IB-1 Honorable Mention Darian Lorrain Nichole Jensen
IB-1 Honorable Mention Jolie Strickland Rachel Velarde
IB-1 Honorable Mention Chloe Martin Nichole Jensen
IB-1 Honorable Mention Olivia Pietz Mary Paul
IB-1 Honorable Mention Nikhila Vembu Andrea Pitman
IB-1 Honorable Mention Allison Greenberg Stephen Crawford
IB-2 First Place Gabby Vatistas Stephen Crawford
IB-2 Second Place Cameron Benton Thomas Jones
IB-2 Third Place Sarah Spurlin Mary Paul
IB-2 Honorable Mention Ashley Fredricksen Christine Welty
IB-2 Honorable Mention Gracie Gentile Marianne Heim
IB-2 Honorable Mention Alexandra Case Monte Ralstin
IB-2 Honorable Mention Annie O’Connor Nichole Jensen
IB-2 Honorable Mention Olivia Watters Christine Welty
IB-2 Honorable Mention Madi Fagerlie Rachel Stoddard
IB-2 Honorable Mention Katie Czajakowski Christine Welty
IB-2 Honorable Mention Naomi Simpson Mary Paul
IB-2 Honorable Mention Emily Spencer Christine Welty
IB-2 Honorable Mention Angelique Restivo Stephen Crawford
IB-3 First Place Mary McCabe Stephanie Fox
IB-3 Second Place Elle Wheeler Stephanie Fox
IB-3 Third Place Emily McAtee Nichole Jensen
IIA First Place Steven Enriquez Nichole Jensen
IIA Second Place Austin Porter Emma England
IIA Third Place Kolton Hobbs Joy Grotenhuis
IIA Honorable Mention Connor Brigola Emma England
IIA Honorable Mention Jake Bonar Emma England
IIA Honorable Mention Gavin Bush Thomas Jones
IIB-1 First Place Matthew Villarreal Thomas Jones
IIB-1 Second Place Mark Munoz Nichole Jensen
IIB-1 Third Place Brady Maghran Stephanie Fox
IIB-2 First Place Daniel Rosenberg Mary Paul
IIB-2 Second Place Steven Ricks Jeffrey Stevens
IIB-2 Third Place Nicholas Applegate Marcus Denton
IIB-2 Honorable Mention Holden Hanna Thomas Jones
IIB-2 Honorable Mention Wil Arends Thomas Jones
IIB-2 Honorable Mention William Diehl Christine Welty
IIB-2 Honorable Mention Joshua Larson Beth Livingston-Hakes
IIB-2 Honorable Mention Grayson Poole Andrea Pitman
VA First Place Natalie Steinbrink Jennifer Nagy
VA Second Place Becca Bauer Stephen Crawford
VA Third Place Aubrey Merkley Sue Anne Lucius
VA Honorable Mention Rachel Stilchen Sue Anne Lucius / Nichole Jensen
VA Honorable Mention Carlina Cruz Monte Ralstin
VA Honorable Mention Candice Mayberry Sue Anne Lucius
VA Honorable Mention Rachel Franke Monte Ralstin
VB First Place Angelica McGrew Amanda DeMaris
VB Second Place Amanda Albretsen Alexis Davis-Hazell / Marcus Denton
VB Honorable Mention Tara Mulligan Linda Spevacek
VB Honorable Mention Taylor Contessa Jennifer Nagy
VIA First Place Conner Morley Monte Ralstin
VIA Second Place Daneil Lopez Monte Ralstin
VIA Third Place Jared Ferolino Marcus Denton / Jeffrey Stevens
VIA Honorable Mention AJ Arellano Nichole Jensen
VIA Honorable Mention Quinn Corrigan Monte Ralstin
VIB First Place Mario Yniguez Sue Anne Lucius
VIB Second Place John Mosby Jeffrey Stevens / Marcus Denton
VIB Third Place Ezra Zurita Joyce Keshner
IX-X First Place Shira Maas Monte Ralstin
IX-X Second Place Samuel Loose Jeffrey Stevens / Marcus Denton
IX-X Third Place Hayden Domenico Thomas Jones
AWA-1 First Place Emily Noxon Sue Anne Lucius
AWA-2 First Place Aimee Blau-Little Linda Spevacek
AMA-1 First Place David Ray Cathy Hauan
AMA-1 Second Place Adam Bei Nichole Jensen
AMA-1 Third Place Jordan  Woollen Sue Anne Lucius
AMA-1 Honorable Mention Josiah Sanchez Stephen Crawford
AMA-2 First Place Cory Baer Marcus Denton / Jeffrey Stevens
AMA-2 First Place Matthew Ortega Marcus Denton
AMA-2 Third Place Marcus Turley Sue Anne Lucius
AMA-2 Honorable Mention Michael Michaud Marcus Denton
AMWB First Place Stephen Schermitzler Thomas Jones
AMWB Second Place Lauren Koeritzer Rachel Velarde
AMWB Third Place Brynn Lewallen Amanda DeMaris
AMWB Honorable Mention Robin Neely Linda Spevacek
AMWB Honorable Mention Ashley Martin Stephanie Fox
CCM-1 First Place Chloe Martin Nichole Jensen
CCM-1 First Place Julia Gellman Stephen Crawford
CCM-1 Third Place Annie O’Connor Nichole Jensen
CCM-1 Honorable Mention Sierra Jones Nichole Jensen
CCM-2 First Place Mark Munoz Nichole Jensen
CCM-2 Second Place Isaac Dowdle Nichole Jensen
CCM-2 Third Place Michael Guido Stephen Crawford
CCM-3 First Place Adam Bei Nichole Jensen
CCM-3 Second Place Danae Dorame Stephanie Fox
CCM-3 Third Place Amanda Taylor Stephen Crawford