Chapter Dues Collection Centralized in 2014 Starting in October

Message from Amanda Wood, NATS Membership and Program Coordinator

We have received various comments from you and your officers responsible for maintaining membership records and in order to ensure maximum accuracy and minimum frustration we are asking that you adhere to the following procedures for 2014 dues.  NATS is launching a new website that should provide better reporting and easier access for chapter officers to chapter membership records.

NEW FOR 2014: CHAPTER DUES COLLECTION CENTRALIZED BY NATIONAL. To make the process and record keeping most efficient, your chapter should:

  • Require all chapter members to renew chapter dues either online (via or through the national dues card that is mailed to all members in October.
  • Refrain from collecting chapter dues. With the responsive design of the new website, members should be able to access dues payment from smart phones and tablet devices, allowing chapter treasurers or other officers to assist members in renewing online.
  • IF there is the rare occasion where the chapter receives a chapter dues payment from a member in the future, it should be forwarded to the national office for processing so that all record keeping remains centralized and your chapter membership records are maintained with the greatest accuracy.  When forwarding, please make sure the name of the renewing member is clearly indicated.

Alexis has been in touch with Amanda to clarify a few questions about chapter dues pro-ration and access to new member information. Please note the following:

Regarding Chapter Dues Pro-ration:
For chapter dues collected through National, we definitely prefer not to have chapters offer pro-rated discounts. National dues are only offered at a pro-rated rate to NEW members who join for the first time after July 1, and we feel that it goes against our national policy when chapters offer a dues pro-ration option. However, you will still get a number of new members who joined NATS for the first time and may be looking to join your chapter at various times of the year. In this instance, they will be directed to the website and will pay the $30 chapter dues no matter what time of year they are joining.

However, we understand that it may not be well-received if you were to abruptly change the policy, so we ask that you phase out pro-rated collections before renewal for 2015 (meaning that 2014 would be the last year your chapter would offer pro-ration.)

Regarding Access to Membership Data:
With the new website/database system, membership information will be available instantaneously. For instance, if an update is made in the national office, you would be able to log on and see that update immediately. It will do nothing but enhance your experience when searching for new members, updates on members, etc. However, if a member pays their dues over a weekend or time period when staff members aren’t in the national office, updates will not appear. We have to manually input chapter collection information, and the main reason for that is to ensure our tracking purposes are working.


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