NSAL’s 2014 Musical Theatre Competition Winners

NSAL announces the following awards

Judges from the Greater Arizona Chapter of the National Society of Arts and Letters (NSAL) attended the recital of Valley of the Sun Chapter NATS Music Theater Auditions first-place winners on Sat, Nov, 8, 2014, at Chandler-Gilbert Community College, to conduct NSAL’s 2014 Musical Theatre Competition. NSAL awards are as follows:

Samuel Loose (Ages 20-23, college), $500. Student of Marcus Denton and Jeffrey Stevens

Stephen Schermitzler (Ages 25+, non-college), $250. Student of Tom Jones

Mario Yniquez (Ages 18-20, college), $250. Student of Sue Anne Lucius

In addition to the $1000 award monies provide by the NSAL Chapter for this competition, an individual—excited by the level of performances Saturday, contributed an additional $500. The following awards were added:

Daniel Rosenberg (Age 16, high school), $200. Student of Mary Paul

Angelika McGrew (Age 20, college), $200. Student of Nichole Jensen

Zachary Stoddard (Age 17, high school), $100. Student of Tom Jones

The judges for NSAL were Darleen Kliewer, Dr. Dorothy Lincoln-Smith, and Lynne Traverse

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