Valley of the Sun Chapter NATS Student Auditions Spring 2016 Classical Music Information: Please Note Policy Changes

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Dear NATS Colleagues:

The Valley of the Sun Chapter is pleased to announce that the Spring 2016 Student Auditions will occur as planned. Thanks are in order to Stephanie Fox and Elisabeth Pehlivanian for being willing to serve you as co-chairs for this event. We also have amassed support from a larger than usual auditions committee, that will also be a great help in both the preparatory and on-site phases of execution. You will notice several policy changes as you review the attached documents. I recommend that you read them closely AND re-read the entire National Regulations document. The changes we have made at the chapter level are essential to the success of the event and are designed to implement the national regulations to the maximum benefit of your students.

Arizona District Teachers Meeting

The second and final Arizona District Teachers’ Meeting will be held during these auditions at 8:30 am – 9:20 am on Saturday February 6, 2016. This is an important time for us to make a decision as a district on how these auditions will move forward procedurally. Please review the attached document to prepare for the discussion. Under the direction of the Arizona District Governor, Dr. Rachel Velarde, a committee will be formed of members from all three chapters to communicate the information provided at this meeting. ALL district members are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting whether or not they are entering students in these auditions. We would like you all to have input in the future structure of the auditions. Important decisions will be made at this meeting.


Please remember that sponsoring students in the auditions is not an entitlement, but a privilege earned by participating. This event requires your commitment to adjudicate and/or serve administratively. There will likely be 20 divisions, each of which require 3 judges per room. This is why sponsoring teachers must be available both days for at least 4 consecutive hours on each day. We need your flexibility to ensure coverage of all divisions. If you are unable to attend, you must provide a qualified substitute for each day that you are unavailable, or do not enter students. The auditions chair(s) will not be responsible for coordinating substitutes. Use your local chapter membership directory in order to be in touch with your colleagues. Failure to produce a sub will result in the automatic withdrawal of your students.

Students are also expected to have a reasonable window of availability in order to participate (at least 4 consecutive hours.) We understand there are reasons that students may be available for only one day of the event. However, conflicts submitted for both days will no longer be permitted. The accommodation of conflicts is done as a courtesy and cannot be guaranteed. If a conflict cannot be obliged, the student will have one week to withdraw for a refund of the application fee (minus processing fees.) Please be advised that the staff accompanist fee cannot be refunded, even in this case.

Other Responsibilities

The following come straight out of the national regulations that were distributed in August, but we encountered teachers this fall who were still surprised by them. Please take note:

  1. Chapter level events require chapter membership in good standing at the time of registration as well as all rounds of the event.
  2. ALL Pianists must play from originals or legal digital downloads. No exceptions. See the NATS Copyright policy.
  3. During the auditions there must be no consultation, spoken or written, between adjudicators concerning the evaluation or performance of students.
  4. Adjudicators should not disrupt the audition process to question the student.
  5. Nothing should be written on a comment sheet by adjudicators regarding any suspected violation.
  6. Write comments and score the student as if there were no violation. When the auditions are completed, all adjudicators should consult the Auditions Chair and discuss the potential violation.
  7. Members may not accompany their own students at any stage of the event including awards concerts, etc.

Please read and then re-read the National Regulations document. It covers many details that could have been missed on even a second read. I also encourage you to visit the National Student Auditions FAQ at, and read the resources there. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and participation as our Student Auditions event continues to grow.




Dr. Alexis Davis-Hazell

Valley of the Sun Chapter President

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