VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Spring 2016 Auditions Chair and Staff

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Spring 2016 Auditions Chair and Staff

Dear Colleagues,

Congratulations again to the singers, accompanists, sponsoring teachers, volunteer adjudicators, and parents who participated in the Valley of the Sun NATS 2015 Student Auditions of Musical Theater and Contemporary Commercial Music Repertoire. There was tremendous talent displayed from a wide range of ages and skill levels. The Valley of the Sun Chapter was pleased to host this event and to provide a platform for singers to learn and to shine according to our mission.

However, these events do not run themselves. Many of you are aware that we faced new challenges in planning and execution this year due to the highest registration in any auditions event we have ever hosted (230), a proliferation in brand-new categories (26 with subdivisions) along with new repertoire rules introduced by the national association with short lead time (August 2015,) limited adjudicator availability, and only a skeleton crew of administrative volunteers. We were up to the challenge. However, the convergence of these factors resulted in our having to delay your receipt of scoresheets and certificates, which are being delivered or mailed to you within 24-48 hours of this message. We are grateful for your patience. Nevertheless, our students had a successful learning experience, which always makes these events worthwhile. Thank you to those who were able to give of your time over the weekend, and to those who have offered words of appreciation and encouragement! To any of those who feel so moved, I would encourage you to express appreciation directly to Auditions Chair, Nichole Jensen at nichole@melodicmusicstudio.com.  The breadth of her knowledge of the Musical Theater genre was invaluable in the vetting of singer repertoire. She handled the learning curve as fast as anyone possibly could have, especially since there were some factors the auditions committee as a whole had never experienced. She was willing to take on a large responsibility to serve you, for the first time, when no others would step forward.

It is our aim to increase the number of different people who take on this position in order to widen the knowledge base, and to keep the responsibility from falling on the same shoulders year after year. The chapter’s executive board will continue to work on improving communication and facilitate better transfer of information from one auditions committee to the next.

Valley of the Sun Chapter is hosting the Classical repertoire auditions as well this academic year, and we remain in need of an Auditions Chair, as well as staff volunteers. I have asked for a volunteer chairperson a few times over the course of the summer and fall. I have not received a response. I would especially encourage those of you who find fault with the organization of our events to volunteer to chair or co-chair the auditions.  I welcome your perspective, and I will work side by side with you. To those who are interested but have no prior experience, I also encourage you, and I will personally train and support you.

The venue is now set at CGCC, and I am serving as on-site facilities coordinator again. The new registration period will need to open on Dec 11, 2015. However, if we do not have a chairperson in place by one week from today (November 30, 2015) I will be forced to cancel these auditions.

Please consider being more proactive in your support of these auditions. Do not wait for anyone to ask – volunteer your knowledge that can improve execution of this event. Be as willing to offer time, as you are willing to advise. We will need all hands on deck to make the next round of auditions a success!

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration. Feel free to share this message with any parents of your students whom you feel would benefit from the information.

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Alexis Davis-Hazell

Valley of the Sun Chapter President

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